We are a socio-economic development consultancy and advisory social enterprise...

Driven is a consultancy and advisory social enterprise that works with institutions across the private, public, and social sectors to address society's most pressing, unique, and complex socio-economic development challenges and opportunities.


What Defines Us

Due to its colonial and apartheid (segregation) past, its fairly young democracy, and its developing (emerging) economic status, the country has many socio-economic development challenges and opportunities.

The challenges include high unemployment, income inequality, low financial literacy, and poor education and training. The opportunities include a young population, growing middle-class, and unrealised economic potential. Needless to say, the mentioned challenges and opportunities are non-exhaustive.

To address the challenges, the government generally operates as a developmental state in its policies and activities, however, the government recognises the role of the private and social sectors and has established legislative frameworks that promote and incentivises private, public, and social sectors participation and collaboration in socio-economic development.

We assist corporate and social sector institutions to navigate legislative frameworks that incentives and mandate their participation in socio-economic development and advise them on how to implement "Shared Value" principles in their operations and development initiatives.

Socio-Economic Development in South Africa

People, Skills, and Knowledge

Our goal is to provide the right mix of people, with the relevant skills and experience to tackle challenges and navigate opportunities, all backed up by deep knowledge and understanding of the socio-economic context, dynamics, and environment.

Innovation and Inclusion

The world is constantly changing and increasingly becoming digitised and automated, often leaving established ways of doing things redundant and causing many to be excluded. We always underpin our actions with innovation that is accessible to the majority of people.

Partnerships and Collaborations

We believe in meaningful partnerships and collaboration between business, government, civil and social institutions, and communities in addressing socio-economic development challenges and exploiting opportunities.